Sink Reglazing in Brooklyn

We do a lot at our bathroom sink: Shave, brush teeth, apply makeup, wash hands and much, much more. Over time, evidence of this frequent use will start to take shape in your sink. Scratches, chips, discoloration and more can all appear as if by magic. Instead of letting these blemishes detract from your bathroom overall, call Bathroom Reglazing, Inc. for sink resurfacing in Brooklyn, NY.

Through our careful restoration process, we apply reglazing coats to your sink to erase all signs of wear or damage. You’re left with a sink that’s ready to stand up to years and years of your grooming routine.

  • Scratches, Stains and Chips

    The various marks and blemishes that appear over time are all indicators that you need sink reglazing in Brooklyn, NY. Scratches, stains, chips and other markings all affect the surface glaze. When reapplied, these damages are totally covered and erased, leaving behind a pristine surface that’s attractive and resilient.

    Choosing Bathroom Reglazing, Inc. means your sink is getting the benefit of a 5-coat reglazing process. This heavy-duty restoration ensures even the most prevalent marks are erased. And, because we take the time to do things right, you’re guaranteed a sink that’ll stand strong and look great for more than a decade!

  • Hardware

    If you’re enjoying the benefits of a newly-reglazed sink, one of the best improvements you can make is updated hardware. We’ll be happy to install new hardware after a sink reglazing, to give you the fullest benefit of a completely refinished sink. Just order the hardware you like and we’ll install it after the glaze is properly cured. It’s a simple way to totally transform your sink.

  • Restore Your Sink

    No matter how old your sink is or what kind of abuse it faces on a daily basis, Bathroom Reglazing, Inc. will restore its appeal. We promise your sink will look brand-new when we’re done! Contact us today at 718-241-5140 for more information about the reglazing process or our industry-best 15-year warranty.